Welcome to the first edition of Idaho Politics Weekly, a new publication designed to serve the Idaho public policy community. Idaho Politics Weekly is your one-stop source for political, government, and public policy news and information. 

Idaho Politics Weekly is presented by Zions Bank, and will be delivered by email each Monday morning. Content will also be published on the www.idahopoliticsweekly.com web site.


It will offer original content, but also aggregate headline links on political and government topics from Idaho’s newspapers and other news sources -- from Montpelier to Coeur d’Alene, from the Boise capitol to Burley.

As sponsor, Zions Bank is not endorsing or taking positions on public policy issues. Rather, the bank views this newsletter as an extension of its guiding principles to be involved in the community and provide needed services. Idaho Politics Weekly is not partisan or ideological and is not a traditional journalistic endeavor. It is intended to serve the public policy community with news and information.

Its features will include:

  • Monthly survey research by independent pollster Dan Jones & Associates. Results will be published in the weekly newsletter.
  • Profiles and original stories about Idaho leaders and key issues facing the state.
  • Guest columns solicited from Idaho leaders.
  • An Advisory Board will be created to provide guidance and suggestions on stories and survey research topics.

Idaho Politics Weekly is focused entirely on Idaho, featuring original content by Idaho writers and contributors. The publication also desires to partner with Idaho public policy organizations, providing a channel for them to deliver important information to the public policy community. 

We welcome feedback and suggestions. Send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..