Idaho residents don't much care for the federal government, but they they think the Idaho legislature is performing okay.
The latest Idaho Politics Weekly survey shows most think Congress is doing a poor job. 51% of residents rate their job performance as "poor."  Another 34% say Congress is doing a "fair" job, while 12% rate it as "good. A paltry 1% say Congress is doing an excellent job.
Not surprisingly, Idaho Democrats do not give high ratings to the Republican-controlled Congress. 62% say they're doing a poor job while just 5% say they're doing a good job. While Idaho Republicans think Congress is performing better than Democrats do, they're not overly enthused. 17% rate Congressional job performance as "good" and 39% calls it "poor." 58% of independent voters say Congress is doing a "poor" job, and just 9% say they're doing a good job.

On the state level, residents are a little more approving of how state lawmakers are performing. Our survey finds 35% say the Idaho legislature is doing a "good" job, 34% say "fair" while 23% say "poor." Only 4% describe the job the legislature is doing as "excellent."

You won't be surprised to find that Republicans like the job Idaho lawmakers are doing while Democrats are not as enthusiastic. 
- 53% of Republicans say the Idaho Legislature is doing a good job
- 51% of Democrats say state lawmakers are doing a poor job.
Independent voters are split into thirds on the issue. 30% say the legislature is doing a good job, 30% say poor job and 34% call the job performance by legislators fair.
Idahoans don't like the federal government much according to our poll. Maybe that's because they think the feds have so much impact on their lives.
When asked "Which level of government do you think affects your life the most, 31% identified the federal government, 19% said the state, 5% said county government and 5% said the city. 37% said they affected them equally.
However, when asked which level of government they trust the most, just 5% said they felt the best about the feds. 14% trust County government the most, 17% trust the state and 26% are most trusting of their city government. 29% said they trusted all levels of government equally.
The distrust for the feds cuts across all political lines. Just 2% of Republicans say they trust Washington the most as do 4% of independent voters. Given the margin of error in our survey, it's mathematically possible for the feds to have a negative trust rating among Republicans. 16% of Democrats are most trusting of the federal government.
The survey was conducted by Dan Jones and Associates among 607 Idaho residents. Respondents were contacted by telephone and online. It has a margin of error of +/- 3.98%