President Donald Trump is getting pummeled for his statements on race and white-supremacy groups’ violence at a rally several days ago in Virginia.

Idaho Politics Weekly will soon have a new public opinion poll containing a variety of questions on how Idahoans feel about this particular issue and the president, and on race and other related issues.

It’s likely Trump’s recent actions will reflect poorly on how Idahoans view him – but the coming numbers will tell that tale.

However, demographic breakouts in IPW’s last survey, taken in May, show some real differences between young and older Idahoans in how they feel about the president.

And those numbers are also reflected in how the less educated and more educated see our new president.

Here are some interesting results in our last Dan Jones & Associates survey:

Asked whether they approve or disapprove of the job performance of Trump:

  • Only 10 percent of Idahoans ages 18-29 said they “strongly approve” of the president.

  • 33 percent said they “somewhat approve” of the job Trump is doing.

That is, overall, a 43 percent approval rating given by young adults in Idaho.

  • 14 percent in that age group “strongly disapprove” of Trump, while 35 percent “somewhat disapprove,” for a total 49 percent disapproval. That is a high disapproval rate for any politician for any group.

But then look at those 60-69 years old:

  • 35 percent “strongly approve” of the president in that age group, while 17 percent “somewhat approve” of him. That’s a total approval rating of 52 percent – 9 percentage points higher than younger Idahoans give the president.

  • Only 5 percent “strongly disapprove” of the president in the older group, while 41 percent “somewhat disapprove” of him, for a total of 46 percent.

Now let’s look at education levels:

  • Those with only a high school degree, 60 percent approve of the president’s job performance.

  • 34 percent disapprove of him.

But among those who told Jones they have some graduate college degree – a Master’s Degree, or a Ph.D., or law, accounting or medical degree, there are big differences.

  • Only 46 percent in this well-educated group approve of the president.

  • While 51 percent, a majority, disapprove of him.

As previously reported by IPW and Jones, Idaho women have statistically significant different views of Trump than do men.

  • 61 percent of men have favorable views of Trump, but only 51 percent of women do.

  • While 45 percent of women disapprove of the president, but only 33 percent of men do.

You can figure out for yourself what this all means in the opinions of Trump in Idaho.

But clearly, the president is liked more by older, less-educated men than by other demographic groups in the state.

Numbers for this analysis come from a poll Jones conducted of 649 adults from May 4-18. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.85 percent.