Half of all Idahoans support GOP President Donald Trump’s tax reform plan – announced by the president but not yet fleshed out – an Idaho Politics Weekly poll shows.

Dan Jones & Associates finds in a survey that 49 percent of Idahoans “strongly” or “somewhat” support the president’s ideas on overhauling the nation’s tax system.

A third (34 percent) oppose the president’s plan, while 16 percent don’t know.

That’s a rather high “don’t know” number, but one may think it would be even larger, considering that Trump’s plan has not yet been articulated in detail. It would attempt to simplify the tax code, reduce taxes for individuals, lower the business tax rate, eliminate targeted tax breaks that benefit the wealthy, and repeal the Alternative Minimum Tax and the inheritance tax. It would also attempt to bring home money businesses hold overseas with a one-time tax.

As with other Jones’ polling in Idaho, women don’t like Trump or his ideas as well as men do:

  • 54 percent of men support Trump’s tax reform plan, but only 45 percent of women do.

  • 29 percent of men oppose the plan, but 39 percent of women do.

It appears Trump has never recovered the support of Idaho women – as he did men – after a video appeared during the campaign where he spoke about sexually pursuing women, even grabbing their genitals.

He later apologized for those remarks.

Idaho Republicans are clearly behind Trump’s tax reform ideas, Democrats strongly oppose them, and political independents (who don’t belong to any political party) are split. Jones finds:

  • Republicans support the president’s tax reforms, 71-12 percent.

  • Democrats oppose them, 80-10 percent.

  • While independents are split, 48 percent in favor and 37 percent opposed.

When Idahoans are broken out by their political philosophies, there is a clear movement from conservative support to liberal opposition:

  • Those who self-identified to Jones that they are “very conservative” politically, favor Trump’s tax ideas, 80-6 percent.

  • The “somewhat conservative” Idahoans, support, 67-17 percent.

  • Moderates switch to the negative, however, 54 percent oppose to 24 percent favor.

  • Those who are “somewhat liberal” oppose, 68-16 percent.

  • And those who said they are “very liberal,” oppose 88-5 percent.

Jones polled 649 adults from May 4-18. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.85 percent.