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One of the greatest parts of running for Congress is the opportunity to speak with the people of Idaho. Over these past months, I can’t count how many great conversations I’ve had with the hard working Idahoans who make this state what it is. 

From the deserts of Owyhee County to the forests of Boundary County, the most common question I get is, “Why?”

Idahoans want to know why our nation’s capital is a place where problems are made, not solved.  They want to know why we can’t stop the endless bickering between the parties, political factions, and egomaniacs of Washington, D.C. They want to know why Congressman Raul Labrador spends more time fighting his own party than working for his constituents.

They want to know why Mr. Labrador was the only member of Congress to vote against funding for the VA and veterans care, in a vote that was 416-1. They want to know why Mr. Labrador voted against the Secure Rural Schools program, which brings millions of dollars to rural school districts in Idaho that desperately need funding. They want to know why he has done nothing to keep Social Security and Medicare solvent.

They want to know why he jumps at every opportunity to vote for or cosponsor legislation that would sell off Idaho’s public lands to out-of-state developers.

They want to know if Mr. Labrador even uses public lands he wishes to auction off. Does he hunt, fish, ride an ATV or camp in Idaho’s spectacular landscapes?

They want to know why he throws himself in the middle of distracting political fights - like running for Majority Leader in his 2nd term - while doing nothing to facilitate collaboration on our national forests. They want to know why hard work seems beneath him. Why he can’t seem to roll up his sleeves and actually something done.

On his tour of the district, Mr. Labrador claims to have learned that, “Idahoans love their state and they love their country.” The big question is, does Mr. Labrador?

Idahoans need leadership that respects the culture and heritage of Idaho. Here in Idaho, we work hard, we take care of the men and women who served this country, and we even find time to enjoy the beautiful land that God gave us.

Mr. Labrador’s time is up. Working families across Idaho are hurting, and they are tired of his political games. It’s time for leadership that respects real Idaho values.

The people of Idaho want leadership. They want respect. They want results.

That’s why I’m going to keep traveling the state, talking to the folks I meet along the way, in a bid to deliver the leadership that Idahoans deserve.