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Monday, June 3, 2019

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This Week In Idaho Politics

Education quality goes beyond national rankings
By Chuck Malloy, Idaho Politics Weekly contributor
If you pay attention to what you read and hear about the national rankings, you might think that our public schools are in the water hazard.

At least Trump takes action unlike Congress
By LaVarr Webb, Publisher
I really don't like Trump's threat to impose escalating tariffs on Mexico unless it stops illegal immigrants from entering the United States.

Time for Congress to take the power back
By Steve Taggart, Idaho Politics Weekly contributor
Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution states: "The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises . . . [and to] regulate Commerce with foreign Nations . . . ."

Those proposed tax increases were too much, too fast
By Stephen Hartgen
Idaho's economy is cooking! We've got some of the best job growth percentages in the nation.

War crimes should not go unpunished
By Jim Jones
On May 6, President Trump gave a full pardon to a former Army officer, Michael Behenna, who had been convicted of the 2008 murder of a naked and unarmed Iraqi man. Trump has reportedly asked the Justice Department for pardon files on a number of other individuals involved in war crimes.

Guest opinion: Small businesses drive our economy
By Sen. Mike Crapo
Americans turning ideas into jobs and opportunities have made our country into a force of innovation and productivity. 

News notes: Applicants sought & governor's schedule
By Idaho Politics Weekly staff
Applicants sought for State Board of Education. Gov. Brad Little is accepting applications for two openings on the State Board of Education. Don Soltman and Richard Westerberg's terms are set to expire at the end of June.

Reader response: Don't place people 'in a box'
By Tom Munds
In reviewing the article, "Southern Idaho politics reflect common-sense conservatism" dated May 27, written by Stephen Hartgen, I was stunned to see such a one-sided absolutely biased inaccurate character assassination of a political class he prefers to distance himself from without so much as attempting to even understand the perspective from which "They" express their position.

The kids are going to do just fine
By Steve Taggart, Idaho Politics Weekly contributor
This last week I had an opportunity to function as the judge in a mock criminal trial at Compass Academy in Idaho Falls. I don't do criminal law and had to do a bit of preparation. I was a bit nervous on the day of the trial.

Fulcher embraces new version of freedom caucus
By Chuck Malloy, Idaho Politics Weekly contributor
The conservative-based House Freedom Caucus, which gained political fame by ousting one Republican House speaker (John Boehner) and making life miserable for another (Paul Ryan), has added a new member to its circle. It's Idaho Congressman Russ Fulcher.

Honoring our Native American service personnel on Memorial Day
By Jim Jones
Memorial Day is a time set aside for Americans to remember and honor those brave souls who died serving this wonderful country.

Southern Idaho politics reflect common-sense conservatism
By Stephen Hartgen
Recent articles on Idaho politics have reported on the apparent alignment of several elected officials with fringe and right-wing splinter groups in Idaho's political spectrum. But mostly, the politicians involved aren't from the Southern Idaho region.

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