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Monday, March 2, 2015

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This Week In Idaho Politics

  Poll: Idaho Residents Favor Use of Military Force Against ISIS
There must not be many Ukrainian Americans in Idaho, because a new Idaho Politics Weekly poll shows most in the state don't want the United States to give weapons to Ukrainians fighting against Russian-backed separatists....

Trending In DC: Immigration Vs. Funding for Homeland Security
Immigration has always been a divisive issue in Washington, and around the country.  ...

Idaho's Energy Future: IFP's Jackie Flowers Looks at Nuclear
Secure, affordable energy is critical to Idaho's future.  One of the key players helping to ensure that future is Jackie Flowers, the head of Idaho Falls' municipal power system, Idaho Falls Power. ...

  Winning the Political Game: What's the Headline?
During a meeting of the National Conference of State Legislatures meeting some years ago, I was asked to do a presentation on political communications for legislative staff who serve in public relations roles. I asked these PR professionals from all ...

GOP Can't Just Be 'Party of No' for Long-Term Success
The Reagan years were a great time to be a Republican and a good time to be a Republican press secretary on Capitol Hill, where conservatives had momentum over the old liberal establishment. I worked for Arkansas Congressman Ed Bethune during that ti...

  A Quick Look at the Geography of Ybarra's 2014 Win
Two weeks ago I analyzed the geography of Gov. Otter’s 2014 reelection win....

Pluses and Minuses in U.S. Economic Outlook
U.S. markets and data continue to demonstrate a range of economic indicators with both positive and negative implications....

  Poll: Idahoans Favor Tougher Stance on Foreign Policy
Katie bar the door: In very Republican Idaho, when asked about four major foreign policy issues most Idahoans support Democratic President Barack Obama's positions in three areas, opposing him in only one, a new Idaho Politics Weekly poll shows....

Political Calendar Highlights

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2015 Energy Connected Conference

When: March 3-4, 8am 5pm
Where: Zions Bank Building, Boise
This year's Energy Connected Conference brings together top researchers and thought-leaders in our state's energy sector. Attend this conference to learn about leading research that will shape Idaho's energy future, national energy trends, and how Idaho can stay competitive in the industry. Be part of Idaho's regional event that brings together professionals who are transforming our state's energy industry. Free post-conference reception hosted by the Clean Energy Education & Empowerment (C3E) program. Men and women are welcome to attend this reception to further C3E's goals of increasing the participation and leadership of women in clean energy and energy efficiency. More Info

Idaho Day 2015

When: Wed, March 04, Events scheduled throughout day
Where: Throughout Idaho
During its 2014 Session, the Legislature established an official IDAHO DAY to be observed each year on March 4th to commemorate the creation of Idaho by President Abraham Lincoln on that day in 1863. It will be a day where state and local agencies, historical societies, schools, Indian tribes, civic groups, chambers of commerce, clubs, the media, and Idaho citizens in general can celebrate and educate about Idaho, her culture, her history, her diversity, her beauty, her resources and her greatness. More info

To submit events to the Idaho Politics Weekly calendar please use our contact form here.

Idaho Headlines

Idaho House panel supports federal policy for GMO labeling (Capital Press)

Fulcher: Don't trust a government with weapons if they won't trust you with yours (Idaho Freedom Foundation)

Parental rights are sacred ... except when they're not (Idaho Freedom Foundation)

Editorial: Idaho school districts, students deserve the bond money (Idaho Statesman)

Judge orders state to pay Occupy Boise's $180K legal tab (Idaho Statesman)

Finding money for roads, bridges is still a thorny issue for Idaho lawmakers (Idaho Statesman)

Boise council president eyes Idaho Legislature, end of city tenure (Idaho Statesman)

Idaho proposal to end daylight saving time would change the way we change the clocks (Idaho Statesman)

Idaho's Business Lobby President Will Keep His Job Despite Leaked Obscene Email (Boise State Public Radio)

Idaho Lawmakers Introduce Minimum Wage Bill, But Indicate It's Headed Nowhere (Boise State Public Radio)

A bill held hostage (CDA Press)

Bill calls for inspector general office to be created in Idaho (Spokesman-Review)

Idaho schools arrange stopgap broadband service (Spokesman-Review)

Huckleberries: In battle of wits, Barbieri fell on his own sword (Spokesman-Review)

House passes parental rights bill (Spokesman-Review)

Citizenship test bill hits snag (Press-Tribune)

Anti-bullying legislation introduced in committee (Press-Tribune)

Gov. Otter creates military advocacy commission (Press-Tribune)

No Bill Yet, But Career Ladder Plan Surfaces (Idaho Education News)

Ybarra Aide: Broadband Transition is Moving Smoothly (Idaho Education News)

National Headlines

Rand Paul wins CPAC straw poll, with Scott Walker right behind (Politico)

Politicking in America is nothing new for Benjamin Netanyahu (Politico)

Kerry contradicts Rice: Netanyahu is 'welcome to speak' in US (The Hill)

Graham helps kick off AIPAC with UN funding cut threat (The Hill)

Gauntlet awaits Internet rules (The Hill)

Congress passes stopgap funding for Homeland Security (Wall Street Journal)

Scott Walker admits to flipping on immigration (Associated Press)

Homeland Security funding drama darkens U.S. fiscal outlook (Reuters)

Pot calls kettle black: Rahm on Chuy's property tax vote (Sun-Times)

Former Democratic Governor Wants 2016; Takes Shot At Hillary (FOX News)

Colorado Sold 17 Tons Of Retail Marijuana In First Legal Year (Huffington Post)


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