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Bernie Sanders Wins Idaho Caucus (Boise State Public Radio)

Idaho Cities Blocked From Raising Minimum Wage (Boise State Public Radio)

Senate passes bill to protect employers in business competition suits (Idaho Business Review)

House Committee sends urban renewal bill to floor to be amended (Idaho Business Review)

Sanders dominates at Canyon County, Idaho caucus (Press-Tribune)

Sanders clocks Clinton at Bannock caucus (State Journal)

Majority of Idahoans Want Tax Cuts (Times-News)

House Committee Approves Tighter Felon Firearm Rules (Times-News)

Proposal to Study Medicaid Waiver until 2017 Could Pass House Today (Times-News)

Marty Trillhaase: Silly voters; how dare you tell legislators no? (Lewiston Tribune)

Patchwork tax cut bill goes to the House (Lewiston Tribune)

Urban renewal reform sails through Idaho House with little talk (Lewiston Tribune)

Berning down the house (Lewiston Tribune)

Bill requiring Legislature to OK federal land buys killed (Capital Press)

Idaho federal lands management bill passes House (Capital Press)

Legislators: Don’t ram through Medicaid expansion at the last minute (Idaho Freedom Foundation)

AG’s letter outlines latest disagreement over spent nuclear fuel (Post Register)

House approves anti-stalking bill and sends measure to governor (Idaho Statesman)

Idaho Republicans retreat from Medicaid expansion plan this session (Idaho Statesman)

Bonner Commission rescinds illegal vote on timber plan (Idaho Statesman)

Idaho Democrats pick Sanders by wide margin (Idaho Statesman)

Repeal of Idaho’s fee on hybrid cars may be dead (Spokesman-Review)

Sanders trounces Clinton in Idaho caucus (Spokesman-Review)

Sanders torches Clinton in Kootenai caucus (CDA Press)

Student mobility bill runs into a roadblock (Idaho Education News)

JFAC earmarks $8 million for broadband settlements (Idaho Education News)

Senate passes seven K-12 budgets (Idaho Education News)